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Food Ingredients Brand Promotion on World Pizza Day by Chef Influencers

Campaign Plan: Food Ingredients Promotion on World Pizza Day by Chef Influencers

Campaign Description: Let the chef influencers show their audience a recipe of amazing homemade pizza on world’s pizza day in a total cafe-style using your brand’s ingredients. The influencers will make a dedicated recipe video on Youtube. This will encourage the audiences to try out something unique and make pizzas at home. The focus will be on the brand’s ingredients redirecting the users to consider them for their recipes.

Influencer Category : Chef Influencers Youtube – View Influencer List

Total Customer Reach: Over 25,00,000+ Target Customers on Youtube

Campaign Deliverables: 4 Youtube Dedicated Videos

Cost for 4 Influencers : Rs.2,65,000 (All-Inclusive)

Influencer Selection: Each influencer profile has been scrutinized by our team based on 15+ performance metrics. Once you book the campaign, you can choose the influencers based on your target audience profile.

ROIs: Brand awareness, sales, lead generation, social media followers, and website visits. These would be the top ROIs that the brands can expect from this campaign. Website visits/App Downloads and social media followers are the fastest ROIs that the brand is expected to get through this campaign.

Content Guidelines: Each influencer will create a 5-8 minutes video on Youtube making Pizza and using brand’s ingredients. Brands can share specific content guidelines for each influencer after booking this campaign. Each content piece will be approved by the brand before it goes live from the influencer’s social handle.

Campaign Schedule: Influencers will post the content as per the brand’s schedule and dates.

IINLANCE Support  :
1. Dedicated Campaign Manager with this Plan
2. End to End Campaign Management
3. Content Approvals and Change Requests
4. Full Campaign Report in 48 hours of campaign completion