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Select Credits Name Followers City Instagram Profile
05 Credits Astha Asija 281000 Delhi View Profile
05 Credits Ankita Singh 262000 Pune View Profile
05 Credits Mini Singhai 320000 Indore View Profile
05 Credits Irfan Siddique 216000 Mumbai View Profile
10 Credits Mehak Anand 208000 Delhi View Profile
10 Credits Mansi Wadhwa 144589 New Delhi View Profile
10 Credits Arnab Biswas 75387 Delhi View Profile
10 Credits Dr Mekhala Subodh Bawsay 181658 Mumbai View Profile
15 Credits Diksha Sharma 68700 Gurgaon View Profile
20 Credits Swati Gandhi 122000 Bangalore View Profile
20 Credits Priya Saini 207000 Vancouver View Profile
20 Credits Nitin Gupta 93640 New Delhi View Profile
25 Credits Raghav Girdhar 106000 Gurgaon View Profile
25 Credits Marita Monteiro 99658 Mumbai View Profile
30 Credits Sonakshi Singh 348000 Mumbai View Profile
30 Credits Kajal Kothari 382000 Mumbai View Profile
50 Credits Suhina Chakraborty 157000 Kolkata View Profile
60 Credits Diksha Sharma 250558 Bangalore View Profile

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Each influencer will create a 30-45 seconds reel promoting the brand/product along with a story post and a swipe-up link to brand's website or Call to Action

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