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Finance Brand Awareness by Stock Market Experts (Instagram)

Content Sample – Brand Promotion on Instagram

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Campaign Summary : This campaign includes promoting Brand on Instagram with Stock Market Experts. These influencers will create content about your brand and post it in front of their audience on Instagram giving your brand viral reach and awareness among your target audience.

Campaign Reach : 2,00,000+ Target Users on Instagram (for 2 influencers)

Campaign Deliverables : 1 Reel + 1 Story by each influencer on Instagram

Campaign Cost : Rs.45,000 for 2 Stock Market Experts (All Inclusive)

Campaign Schedule & Timeline : The campaign go-live dates can be customised as per brand’s schedule. Influencers will need 2-3 days time to create content post booking.



Influencer Reach: Each influencer will have 100K+ Target Customer Reach

Influencer Category: Stock Market Experts on Instagram

Product Affinity of Influencers : Finance, Business, Market

Influencer Audience : Social Media Users in the age group of 18-35 Years

Influencer Selection : After booking this campaign, you can choose the influencers from a list of 25+ Stock Market Experts on Instagram

Stock Market Experts – View Influencer List



Content Development : Each influencer will create a 30-45 seconds reel about the brand along with a story post with a swipe-up link to the order page of product

Content Approvals : Brands can share specific content guidelines for each influencer after booking this campaign. Each content piece will be approved by the brand before it goes live from the influencer’s social handle.

Content Sample – Brand Promotion on Instagram



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