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Partner And Promote Finance App With Influencers

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finance influencers

Finance apps have been doing the rounds for quite few years now. Lots of finance related apps around different topics have been introduced in the markets with the sole intent of making finance related work easy for people. 

A finance app is aimed towards making people’s financial aspects of lives easy and bring a shift from the traditional way of working around the finance categories. If you have come up with a unique finance idea and have developed an app for it, now is the time to bring it in the limelight. 

Be it a new app or a really popular existing app, each one of them needs correct marketing strategies to bring new users. Let’s create some engaging campaigns for your finance app and let it hit the market like never before. Let us bring in the new technologies and trending aspects of the market to promote your finance app. 

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Campaign Scenario

This campaign plan is targeted towards the finance influencers whose deliverables will be promoting your finance app on their Youtube channel to their audience. We will carefully select 5 finance influencers after understanding your business needs, USP, targeted audience, and the products offered by you. You can see the list of finance influencers right below. 

We will provide a campaign brief to the finance influencers after proper discussion with the brand which they have to follow. The influencers would be talking about your finance website on their Youtube channel through 5 integrated Youtube videos. 

It would be a fun and informative video whose aim would be increasing the brand awareness, brand visibility, app downloads, and brand reach. The intent of the campaign is to place the website and its services/products in front of the influencer’s targeted audience and turn them into the brand’s audience in the long run. 

Finance influencers are the emerging influencers who are getting enough recognition because of their relatable and informative content. There was a lack of proper finance information source till date. People had to rely on blogs, articles, or books until now to get easy information about the finance and banking sector. Still, they were not so easy and accessible for everyone. 

But, the finance influencers have finance information totally easily to grasp. They break down the complex information in easy ways through their content to make their followers understand a topic very well. This is the reason why the finance influencers are getting really popular these days. 

People value the content of these influencers much because it directly influences their investment making decisions and also enhances their finance knowledge. 

It is totally effective to collaborate with the finance influencers to promote any finance related service or product. They are the best to educate their audience about any product and the change it can bring in their audience’s lives. 

We would include influencers who are professionals in making trendy videos. 

We would include influencers with a real follower base that we would scrutinise thoroughly through different softwares. 

What To Expect?

  • Brand awareness
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Social media followers
  • Website visits
  • App downloads

Campaign Inclusions

  • App downloads
  • Information about the app
  • Content creation around the business
  • USPs of the business
  • Highlights of the brand
  • Product knowledge and description

In this digital age, the best way to even promote a finance app is through influencers and their unique content strategy.

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