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How Lifestyle Influencers Can Help With Film And Music Promotion on Instagram

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Welcome to the era when film and music are majorly being promoted through Instagram and other social media platforms. With the change in the entertainment consuming industry, there is an obvious massive change in the promotions of it. 

Today, a movie’s trailer gets launched on social channels, a song gets viral through social media, and the most buzz about any show is created through social media. All thanks to the popularity of social media and the millennial generation. If a film and movie is not showcased well on social channels at this time, they will surely be lacking a lot of massive ‘views’ opportunities. 

Film and music promotion on Instagram through influencers not only creates a buzz about these but a well laid campaign can bring massive views to these films and music. Influencer marketing for the entertainment industry is a new rage to get things popular and viral.

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Importance Of This Campaign 

This campaign includes film and music promotion on Instagram by the lifestyle influencers. We will carefully select 5 lifestyle influencers after understanding the required goals from this campaign by the brand’s perspective. 

The lifestyle influencers will talk about the concerned films or music on their Instagram in a fun and engaging way. They would state the highlights of the film/music, why they like it, and will induce people to watch it. The influencers can dance to the tune of the music, create something interesting around that music, etc and make the campaign as personalised as possible. 

The influencers would be promoting the film/music through the videos, voice overs, and also through the caption. 

Lifestyle influencers cover the majority in the influencer industry. Lifestyle influencers are the ones who cover every aspect of their lifestyle targeting like-minded people to get inspired by them. 

Every niche influencer is a lowkey lifestyle influencer because everyone is talking about their lives through various influencing niches. Inviting lifestyle influencers for the media event visits is the safest option to expand your brand’s identity on social media. 

We would include influencers who are professionals in making trendy videos. 

We would include influencers with a real follower base that we would scrutinise thoroughly through different softwares. 

We would include lifestyle influencers whose content fits best with your brand’s aesthetic to create a blend. 

What To Expect?

  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Popularity 

Campaign Inclusions

  • Verbal communication about the film/music
  • Highlights of the film/music
  • Increasing viewership

This new way of making a song or a movie viral is by making it a sensation through Instagram reels. It definitely takes a lot less time and we already have many success stories for the same.

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