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How Influencers Can Help Promoting Your Travel App Through Instagram

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Travel industry was always in the boom phase because let’s be honest, who does not love travelling, right? But, came the global pandemic and the travel industry was hit like never before. For almost a year, the travel industry was shut. But, things are getting back to normal and so is the travel industry. 

To ease the travel needs of the people, there have emerged enough travel apps in the country. A variety of travel apps are doing the rounds in the country to make travel needs of the people easy. These days, people can book tickets from apps, prepare their itinerary, book their stays, explore the best places around them, etc. 

This campaign is great if partnered with the travel influencers because the campaign matches the niche of the influencers. This campaign can garner major traffic to your app in no time. If you have a travel app (any facility and any USP) then it can be promoted through the travel influencers to their travel centric audience. 

Investing strategically in an influencer campaign could be a game changer for you considering you get it done through professionals. A travel app needs the OGs of the online world to make it go viral with collective effort. 

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Campaign Scenario

This campaign includes promoting your travel app on Instagram with the help of travel influencers. Who would be a better marketing partner for your business other than someone who is in the travel industry and someone who makes money online! 

This campaign plan is targeted towards the travel influencers and their deliverable will be promoting your travel app on their Instagram. We will carefully select 5 travel influencers after understanding your business needs, USP, targeted audience, and the products offered by you. You can see the list of travel influencers right below. 

We will provide a campaign brief to the travel influencers after proper discussion with the brand which they have to follow. The influencers would be talking about your travel app on their Instagram through 5 different reels and 5 stories. 

It would be a fun and informative reel whose aim would be increasing the brand awareness, brand visibility, and brand reach. The intent of the campaign is to place the app in front of the influencer’s targeted audience (who is very much likely to enjoy a travel app) and turn them into the brand’s audience in the long run. 

Travel influencers is a vast category of influencers. This industry of influence is increasing inevitably because of the love of travel that people have. The ease of content creation on different social channels has made it extremely easy for the travel content creators to put something out of the box and create an audience for themselves. 

We would refine the influencers whose target audience is highly the same as that of yours. This would be the most important selection criteria because this reduces your effort to find your targeted audience. 

We would include influencers who are professionals in making trendy videos. 

We would include influencers with a real follower base that we would scrutinise thoroughly through different softwares. 

Travel influencers are the core of the influencing industry and that is the reason we are seeing the rise of travel influencers like never before. With cut throat competition, everyone is trying their best to portray the best of their work. Plus, everyone is having a USP related to travel content which creates a variety in the content market. 

Hence, this serves as an advantage to the different travel related brands. Every brand can collaborate with a travel influencer as per their choice and mould the content type that suits them the best. 

What To Expect?

  • Brand awareness
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Social media followers
  • App downloads

Campaign Inclusions

  • Information about the app
  • Content creation around the business
  • Verbal communication about the app
  • USPs of the business
  • Highlights of the brand

Instagram is one of the best mediums to get maximum app downloads in no time while gaining brand popularity.

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