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Best Influencer Strategy: Photoshoot With Apparels by Fashion Influencers

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Do you have a fashion business of apparel? We understand the struggles you face on a regular basis right from choosing the correct fabric to be consistent with producing collections to understanding the latest trends. There’s a lot that goes behind creating that one masterpiece that the world sees. 

Don’t limit yourself to keep selling your clothes in an old fashioned way. With the world progressing at a higher speed and a faster pace, be swift enough to change your marketing plans as per the trends. 

Photoshoots of your apparels by the fashion influencers is a two way benefiting deal for your brand. The first would be getting high quality photos of your apparels that are styled by different influencers that you can legally re-use on your social media pages, website, or business profiles. The second would be promoting your brand through these photoshoots on the social media profiles of the influencers. Your brand would be prone to enough visibility. So, investing in these influencer campaigns would be the best for you to say the least. 

Courtesy – Vecteezy

Why This Is The Best Strategy?

This campaign includes apparel photoshoot by the fashion influencers. We will carefully select 5 fashion influencers having different personal styling after understanding your business needs, USP, targeted audience, and the products offered by you. 

The fashion influencers will do a unique fashion photoshoot including your brand’s apparels. Personal styling by each influencer would be the highlight of this campaign. Through this, you can target various kinds of audiences and show that your brand is targeted towards everybody and everyone has something for themselves on your website irrespective of their personal style. 

Post this, the influencers are supposed to create fun, engaging, and informative content through those photos and videos. The aim of their content would be to promote your products through photos and videos. 

The influencers would be promoting the brand and its services through videos, static posts,  voice overs, and also through the caption. 

Fashion influencers is a vast category and in that category, we would refine the influencers whose target audience is highly the same as that of yours. This would be the most important selection criteria because this reduces your effort to find your targeted audience. 

We would include influencers who are professionals in making trendy videos and clicking HD fashion pictures. 

We would include influencers with a real follower base that we would scrutinise thoroughly through different softwares. 

Fashion influencers are the core of the influencing industry and that is the reason we are seeing the rise of fashion influencers. With cut throat competition, everyone is trying their best to portray the best of their work. 

Hence, this serves as an advantage to the different fashion brands. Every brand can collaborate with a fashion influencer as per their choice and mould the content type that suits them the best. 

What To Expect?

  • Brand awareness
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Social media followers (if the brand has a social media page)

Campaign Inclusions

  • Fashion photoshoot
  • Verbal communication about the products
  • USPs of the business
  • Product hauls through photos and videos

Placing your fashion apparels towards your targeted audience through this method is hands down the best. Try it.

Courtesy – Istock

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